Once the weather starts breaking, is your first thought about opening the windows and spring cleaning your home?  Ours, too.  There is something refreshing about getting all that road salt off the floors once and for all (or at least until next year).  Once the inside of your home is fresh and clean for the spring, you will want to take your spring cleaning outside, as well to get the rest of your property looking great for the upcoming season.

Take a walk around the property and pick up any debris that has made its way there over the winter.  Wind, rain, and snow have a way of carrying the strangest things onto your property, don’t they?  Once your property is clear of all that unwanted trash, leaves, and broken branches, give it a good look.  How do you want it to look this year?  Draw up a plan and decide what is in your budget for landscaping.

Take all your yard equipment and give it all a good scrub.  Oil any blades or tools that need lubrication.  Bleach flower pots to remove any molds or fungi that could be lingering from last year.  Be sure to rinse well and allow pots to dry thoroughly before planting.  Plot out your flower beds or gardens to give yourself an idea of what you will be working with over the next few months.  Talk with your local nursery personnel to find out what types of plants do well in your area and perhaps get a soil sample tested.

Remember, your homeowner’s policy covers your property outside your home as well as inside.  But be sure you check to see what type of coverage is available for any problems that may arise while working in your landscape.  We want you to have the coverage you need.