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Protect your Investment from the inside out with Zinn Insurance

Secure Your Most Important Asset

Your house is one of your most important assets. Zinn Insurance understands homes of all types and will guide you through the process of assuring easy and affordable protection. We provide the peace of mind that your home is properly insured.

We Protect Every Aspect Of Your Home

At Zinn Insurance, we know there’s more to homeowners insurance than getting a policy for the structure of your home. Your insurance should also cover your home’s content.

We offer special protection for:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine art
  • Collectables

Renters Insurance

Not everybody in central Pennsylvania owns their home, which is why we offer other options. We have competitively-priced renters insurance policies that will protect those who rent against lawsuits and robberies. We also have insurance plans for condos and rental property insurance for landlords. As an independent agent, we compare plans from a variety of carriers to get the best policy for you. If you have a farm, we can design a policy to cover farm homes, buildings, equipment and livestock.

Environmental Problems Are A Reality

Zinn Insurance provides flood protection, as well as protection from sinkholes and other environmental risks to help cover you against the wrath of Mother Nature. We can even protect against water backup from sewers and drains. It is important to be clear on what is a homeowner’s responsibility in the eyes of both the Federal Government and your Insurance carrier before disaster strikes so you can be confident that you are covered.

Zinn Insurance Agency
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Zinn has provided excellent service to us for many years. I would recommend them to anyone.
We contacted our agent Donna Jones at Zinn Insurance about some damage to our roof. Donna had an insurance adjustor come inspect the roof within two days. Thanks to Donna who did a great job in helping us with our coverage.
Having moved from York to Myerstown just 3 years ago, I have already worked with 3 local insurance brokers. From this point forward, I will no longer have to search for another local agency. Zinn Insurance, being represented by Shannon Wilson and Lauren Nutter, is genuinely a caring and customer-focused agency. They know and understand our insurance priorities, because they ask the right questions. More importantly, they work very hard to find us the best insurance value that meets our objectives. In short, I honestly feel as though Zinn wants our business for the LONG term, not just for one year at a time. They demonstrate that commitment by the way they treat us and care for us as people, not as an account commission. I really like the people at Zinn. I recommend them wholeheartedly and with confidence to anyone looking for a top notch insurance agency.
I have home insurance with them for 32 years and now car insurance. They treat me well
The staff was outstanding and explained everything. They quoted me with several different companies that they work with to get me the best rate and coverage's.
Zinn Insurance is everything you could ask for in an insurance agency. They work very hard for their clients and are always trying to improve their product. I also appreciate that they do everything they can to keep your rates as low as possible including keeping you posted if there are discounts you can get.