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Life Insurance with Zinn means less worrying and more living

Protect What Means Most To You

When you think about what’s most important in your life, consider the futures of your loved ones. A comprehensive life insurance policy will assure your family has the financial resources to continue to live comfortably in the event that you would pre-decease them.  Our partners can help you manage your coverage needs and design a policy that protects the income you provide for your family.

To ensure reasonable rates, we compare quotes from a large network of insurance companies and choose the one that suits your needs and budget. We’ll also make a point of sitting down one-on-one with you to learn about your needs and goals as we recommend solutions.

Life insurance is usually divided into two categories: term and whole. Term life insurance has low premiums and protects you for a set number of years. Whole life builds equity in the policy and is often a better option when life insurance is needed for a longer period of time. We can help you determine which type of life insurance best suits your needs. For those who may need assisted care in their later years, our agency also offers long term care policies.

An Annuity May Be The Option For You

If you’d like an easy way to turn a lump sum of money into scheduled payments over a number of years, consider an annuity through Zinn Insurance. Purchasing the wrong kind of annuity can actually be harmful to your financial situation, so let our specialists explain the options.

Generations Of Experience On Your Side

Our agency has been an important part of the south central Pennsylvania business community for over 75 years. We’ll work hard to provide the protection you need in a way that is affordable for your family.  When It’s time to take the necessary steps to secure your family’s future, call us at Zinn Insurance.