Zinn Insurance has the right policy for your vehicle

Protect Your Vehicle From Damage

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there has been a significant increase in the number of accidents due to distracted driving. Accidents aren’t just a reality for reckless drivers; even those who are safest behind the wheel can become involved in a costly accident. Zinn Insurance will work with you to design an auto insurance policy that will protect you and your passengers.

Coverage For Those Serious About Their Recreation

Our agents know that many people in Pennsylvania like to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of our state, which is why we offer coverage for many types of recreational vehicles. Your extra vehicles can carry an even higher level of risk than your car, so it’s important to have a comprehensive policy. If you have a vehicle that you use for leisure, chances are we can protect it.

Zinn Insurance can find you a policy for:

  • Boat Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • ATV Insurance
  • Snowmobile Insurance

We’ll Consult With You

We can compare the available policies from a large number of quality carriers to find the best coverage for you. We’ll talk with you about your needs and secure a plan that works within your budget and coverage requirements. If you aren’t sure you’re getting the proper coverage from your current provider, it could be time to consider making the switch to Zinn Insurance.

Our agency has served the auto insurance needs of our clients since 1938. Responsive coverage and friendly service in central Pennsylvania can still be found at Zinn Insurance. To find out more about our services, stop by one of our offices or secure a quote by completing the form on our website.

Zinn Insurance is everything you could ask for in an insurance agency. They work very hard for their clients and are always trying to improve their product. I also appreciate that they do everything they can to keep your rates as low as possible including keeping you posted if there are discounts you can get.
Pete Kreider
Pete Kreider
18:15 18 Mar 15
Extremely happy with Zinn Insurance. They provide the best plans and make sure that you are well covered. Very knowledgeable, hard working group of there that I would absolutely recommend.
Will Howard
Will Howard
18:22 05 Aug 15
Zinn Insurance is a top notch company. They are all about customer service and are always upbeat and enthusiastic. The staff is also very knowledgeable, I have never asked a question they could not happily answer.
Freddy Pillman
Freddy Pillman
12:29 07 May 15
I commend& would highly recommended Greg & his staff to anyone. Always great service and very helpful with all situations.
Tonya Pratt
Tonya Pratt
19:57 07 Jan 16
Zinn Insurance is a great local company that i have loved to work with over the years. I have recommend them for their great customer service.
Ellen Reynolds
Ellen Reynolds
19:42 21 Dec 15
I made the right choice going with Zinn Insurance. Always great service and they do it with a smile. They have a professional hardworking staff that I trust.
Pete Sampson
Pete Sampson
17:49 14 Jul 15