To support my professional and personal growth, ZINN recently joined C12 Group in Philadelphia. C12 is comprised of business owners and CEO’s who strive to lead their companies with excellence while integrating their Christian faith in their practices and purpose. In addition to great business counsel, C12 has been a great resource to encourage and support my personal efforts in integrating my Christian faith into my work while leading our firm.

The C12 Group meets monthly as a special ‘sabbatical day’ in business to enable the disciplined lifelong learning, feedback, accountability and prayer that contributes to the program’s intensity and proven long-term success (see ‘The C12 Difference’ at  These high-impact sessions are designed to motivate and hold accountable Christian business leaders through focused interaction with a seasoned peer business leader and board of advisors. The monthly meeting gives me a helpful and challenging framework to work “on” the business -not just in the business.

Founded in 1992 by Buck Jacobs, a dedicated Christian, author and CEO, the C12 Group is based in North Carolina and currently serves 50 U.S. metro markets. The C12 Group in Philadelphia was formed in 2008 and represents C12’s expansion into Pennsylvania. The professional growth, coupled with the personal relationships, that I have made have been invaluable. I look forward to continued growth and blessing as I continue my journey in C12 and my work at ZINN.