Steadily warmer weather means that you will probably be using your fireplace less and less these days.  Now that it is getting a break from constant use, you may want to take some time to give your fireplace the maintenance it deserves after a long, cold winter.  Keeping your fireplace clean and well maintained is important for the safety of your home and family.  Here are some fireplace maintenance tips:

  • Have a professional chimney sweep inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney at least once a year.  If you burn softer woods that may cause creosote to build up, you may want to have your fireplace cleaned more frequently.
  • Inspect the chimney cap for any tears in the mesh sides.  Tears can allow debris to enter or animals to nest within your chimney.
  • When stockpiling your wood for next season, save quality seasoned hardwood to prevent excessive creosote or soot buildup when burning.
  • Keep your wood store away from your home.  Over the warmer months, you risk the chance of termites or other damaging insects or animals infesting the woodpile which in turn could spread to your home’s structure.
  • If you have found any damage to your chimney or fireplace, have it repaired now before you need to use the fireplace again.  Small cracks in the structure could lead to larger ones quite quickly if they are not attended to.

When used properly and kept well-maintained, your fireplace can keep your home warm and inviting for the entire period you and your family inhabit it.  Without proper maintenance, it can become a hazard to your home and family.  Keep up with repairs in the off season and you will be AOK once winter arrives again.  Contact us at 717-866-5717 for more safety tips for your fireplace or any part of your home.