How Will Driverless Cars Affect Your Business?

It’s predicted that driverless cars will account for 25 percent of global car sales by 2035. How will this affect your business and your employees?

Features such as adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, automated parking and lane departure and forward-collision warnings are already making the majority of new cars semi-autonomous. The next level of innovation, implementing automated acceleration, braking and steering, will make cars completely autonomous.

How Will Insurance Coverages and Premiums Be Affected?

Obtaining and reviewing driver profiles for insurance purposes could be irrelevant or at least less critical once cars are autonomous. The culprit in an accident will be the technology, with liability for injury or damage placed squarely with the car manufacturer. Insurers in the UK have already developed “dual insurance policies” for driverless cars, which look directly to manufacturers for reimbursement of collision claims paid.