Now that the summer heat has kicked in, there is nothing as satisfying and refreshing as your favorite dessert! Zinn took a poll of which desserts we crave when the sizzling heat sets in.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Almost everyone loves ice cream; for some, this dessert tops all others! Although it can be enjoyed many different ways, the cold, sweet, sticky, creamy texture of ice cream is a solace from the summer heat. Toni favors it on a crunchy cone, Marj enjoys it between two hot waffles, and others eat it with grilled peaches.

Sticky, Gooey, Campfire S’mores!

For Anne, there is nothing more delicious than a hot and sticky S’more roasted on the coals of a campfire. This traditional sandwich of graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows just can’t be beat! With a fire pit in her back yard, she regularly enjoys this delicious treat around a crackling campfire.

Dipped Oreo Cookie Truffles!

Instead of the traditional cookie dunked in milk, Stephanie enjoys a fancy truffle. If you haven’t made them, give them a try! They are a simple mixture of crushed Oreos and cream cheese that is dunked in a delicious chocolate coating. For a traditional taste with a twist, this is the recipe to try!

Berrylicious Strawberry Shortcake!

Perhaps the best way to serve this red berry is on a warm shortcake topped with some fluffy whipped cream! Juicy strawberries in a sugary sauce is the perfect pair for a dry mound of shortcake. Top this dish with some vanilla ice cream to complete the whole experience. This is definitely a classic summer favorite when seeking to indulge and feel refreshed!

Any Way You Slice It, We Love Watermelon!

Watermelon is a quick dessert that practically defines any summer picnic. Amy favors a savory way to enjoy a ripe, succulent watermelon. Adding feta cheese and reduced balsamic vinegar adds an invigorating twist to the traditional watermelon dessert without changing the cool, juicy texture.

Crazy for Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The Cookie Monster proclaims “C is for Cookie” and Robby wholeheartedly agrees!  His favorite summer dessert is the traditional chocolate chip cookie. He admits that he is a purist and can go without any extra ingredients like nuts and caramels- a plain and simple chocolate chip cookie is the best way to go!

Taste Paradise with Peach Pineapple Cobbler!

Nobody enjoys the sweet mixture of Southern peaches and Caribbean pineapple more than Rick! Combine these two flavors with some pumpkin pie spice, coconut flakes, and  a crumbly cobbler topping for a delicious tropical experience. Maybe you won’t actually be on vacation, but your taste buds will take a trip to the beach!

Going Bananas for a Banana Split!

Both Corinne and Alice love a good banana split! Corinne favors the traditional version with sliced bananas, fresh berries, crushed pineapple,  chopped nuts, and chocolate syrup on creamy ice cream. Alice prefers a banana split cake prepared on a graham cracker crust with a layer of banana slices. The filling is prepared with cool whip, vanilla pudding, drained crushed pineapple, and mini marshmallows. Top it off with whipped cream, cherries, and a chocolate drizzle for a creative spin on this traditional dessert!

We anticipate that these make your mouth water as much as they do ours! We hope you enjoy trying them out and please feel free to share your favorites in the comment section below!