The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and the deer population has gone wild once again! This gorgeous fall weather brings with it the anticipated hunting season and many guys and gals are ready to bring home the bacon (or the venison in this case)! Unfortunately, when the deer are scared and anxious, they tend to leave their wooded home and find their way in front of our moving vehicles. So what are the chances you will hit a deer this fall and how can you protect yourself?

An informative article titled “Likelihood of Striking a Deer More Than Doubles in Fall” was written and researched by State Farm Insurance. The article was subsequently featured in the Claims Journal, September issue,  so that every PA driver can know what they are up against throughout the 2015 deer season.

“Likelihood of Striking a Deer…” calculated that the chance of an average American driver hitting a deer, elk, or moose is 1 out of 169. This study took into account all 50 states, including Hawaii. Unfortunately, during October and through December, the odds of a deer collision are doubled! 10% of deer claims occur during these three months because the odds of hitting a deer increase to be 1 out of 70. This article also explains that the average cost to repair damages caused by hitting a deer is $4,135. Although Pennsylvania is not at the highest risk for deer claims, it is within the top five states!

Within the article, Ron Regan, the Executive Director for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, explains that dawn and dusk are the most prevalent hours for high-volume deer movement. Hunting is not the only reason for deer movement; winter weather conditions, new roadways, increased speed limits, and breeding patterns heavily influence the behavior of deer populations.

Although these facts and figures can cause anxiety, there is a way to protect your vehicle and provide yourself with peace of mind! By adding Comprehensive Coverage to your insurance policy, you can choose a deductible limit that will help to protect your car, and your wallet, when a deer decides to make you its victim. Besides adding Comprehensive coverage to your policy, do your best to be alert when driving through both wooded areas or open fields around dusk and dawn.

Hopefully, by keeping these facts in mind and by double checking your auto insurance coverage, the daunting moment of hitting a deer will not be as devastating! Instead, with peace in mind and confidence in your skilled team of agents and adjusters, you can feel free to enjoy fall and look forward to whatever this season brings!

“State Farm: Likelihood of Striking a Deer More Than Doubles in Fall.” Claims Journal 15 Sept. 2015.