Smart phone technology can be a great tool to protect your home from crime, water damage, fire damage, and neglect. As the smart phone evolves into a catch-all technology for calls, written communication, photo taking, personal entertainment, news updates, shopping, web browsing, social media, and so much more, it has also become a control center for protecting and monitoring your home’s environment! Gone are the days of complicated hardwired systems as we enter the age of worldwide communication between your handheld device and a smart home system.

Whenever we leave home, there are certain precautions we take to ensure that the house is safe. A few habitual checks may include locking doors, blowing out candles, double checking that the stovetop and oven are off, unplugging the small appliances, and even turning off the dishwasher, dryer, or washing machine. Some individuals go to extremes when taking a leave of absence such as shutting off the water supply, winterizing pipes, and possibly even detaching appliance connections or storing furniture. Why do we bother to exhaust a long list of checks before leaving the home? Because we are a worrisome bunch! While at work, on vacation, or just at the grocery store, we will ponder whether we left the curling iron on or if we blew out that candle. Often, out of habit, you take control over these hazards, but what if you just forgot? Must you rush home, call the neighbor, and stop everything you are doing to check on the house? Not anymore!

Travelers Insurance presents a solution to calm your anxiety and leave you worry free! A smart home monitoring system is the perfect system for those of us who worry about our home during an absence. Did you know a smart water monitoring system can detect leaks throughout your home and contact you immediately via smartphone? Using your phone, you can even shut off the water supply and turn off the electricity! If you have a simple leak, burst pipe, or malfunctioning appliance, you don’t have to come home to a flooded mess; the smart system works to find any irregularity and immediately prevents further damage! Don’t worry, with the smart water monitoring system you can program certain elements to remain intact (like sprinklers) while others will be shut off in the event of a water leak!

And its not just about water –Travelers also provides information about systems that monitor fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, burglary, and even thermostat control! All of these systems enhance efficiency, protection, and peace of mind for the homeowner! Just like the water system, these programs can be designed to fit your home needs and can be purchased individually. These systems are all designed to alert you of pending disaster and prevent it from a distance! You can even add additional contacts who will receive the alert if you are unavailable to respond to an emergency. To learn more ways to get smart about your home monitoring, check out Travelers’ recent articles “The Use of Smart Home Technology in Fire Prevention and Detection“, “5 Smart Home Automation Safety Tips“, and “How Water Sensors can Help Prevent Costly Water Damage“.

And remember, in the event that you do have a home emergency, your insurance agent is nearby to help you sort through your coverage and possibly put in a claim! It is a good idea to review your coverage annually and voice specific concerns that you may have regarding coverage limits, deductibles, and valuable items or collectibles. Not sure what you are covered for? Call your agent today!


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