This month, Zinn began a partnership with Soapbox, a charitable organization that believes “soap=hope” for people around the world. Soapbox contributes vitamins, clean water, and bars of soap to needy people around the world! Now that Zinn has begun purchasing their hand soaps from Soapbox, we are fulfilling an everyday need while helping to provide clean water to those who need it most!


Miriam Webster Dictionary defines a “soapbox” as a platform for delivering public opinions or a box that someone stands on to give a speech in a public place [paraphrased]. The company Soapbox gives those who have no soap, no water, and no access to nutrients and vitamins a voice so that their needs can be heard and satisfied! The company provides a modern day “soapbox” not only for the needy, but also for those who can help to satisfy those needs. By purchasing a bar of soap, a bottle of soap, or a variety package, you can send the world a message that you care enough to help!

How do they help?

Soapbox provides a breakdown on their website (see the link below) as to how they help based on your soap purchases. Each bottle of body wash provides one year of vitamin supplements (25 cents) to Vitamin Angels. Vitamin Angels works in over 45 countries to provide supplements to hungry children and pregnant women. Vitamin Angels focuses on providing children with vitamin A which is essential for childhood development. Read more about Vitamin Angels at

Each purchase of hand soap provides a month of clean drinking water for those who have none. The water is provided through ONEHOPE Foundation and RainCatcher. A month of clean water costs 8 cents and is largely provided to dry regions in Africa. Read more about RainCatcher at

Every purchase of bar soap provides a bar of soap to a person in need through the company Global Soap Project (GSP). This company focuses on providing bars of soap to national locations such as homeless shelters or food pantries. Instead of shipping soap overseas, GSP works with international soap makers to help satisfy local needs and protect the company interests by not flooding the local soap market. Read more about Global Soap Project at

So what does that mean for you?

Here at Zinn, we encourage partnership with local, national, and international organizations that help fulfill needs around the world. There is always someone who can use your help, even if that means providing them with a small bar of soap or 8 cents towards water.  Organizations, such as Soapbox, provide an outlet for you to provide worldwide assistance while fulfilling regular household needs!

Not only will you be helping the cause, but you will also benefit from the all natural soap! The soap is made of natural olive, coconut, soybean and corn oils that have amazingly fresh scents. If you want to take the all natural enjoyment a step further, pamper yourself with their natural shea butter, aloe, and jojoba oil to keep your skin feeling soft and silky through the cold and bitter winter!


So there you have it! Join Zinn and find a Soapbox! Do not feel obligated to use the one that we have selected; feel free to explore local charities and pick one that suits your interests and will help to make the world a better place! Find a company that allows you to voice your opinion about what is important and what needs should be met in the local, national, and international community! If you don’t have a particular one in mind, think about purchasing from Soapbox!


For more information about Soapbox– see

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Photo by Arlington County