What is a “traditional Christmas” celebration? Here at Zinn, we find it enjoyable and inspiring to hear stories of the unique activities enjoyed by our coworkers. Instead of only sharing our stories when you visit us, we thought we would jot down some highlights and share them here! When the office is closed, the doors are locked, and the lights extinguished, these are some of the activities that keep the Christmas spirit alive in the hearts at Zinn.

Anne –

For Anne, a typical Christmas season begins with a day of cookie baking with her daughter and grandkids. The Peanut Butter & Jelly or Chocolate Chip are the crowd favorites! Anne always looks forward to a Christmas Eve service at her church followed by a Christmas Eve party. The Christmas Eve party mandates an annual batch of Anne’s homemade ChexMix!

Toni –

Toni enjoys many annual traditions both with her close and extended family. The traditions begin the day after Thanksgiving when they tag their family tree and bake cookies together. On Christmas Eve the extended family gathers at her mother’s home for some delicious lasagna and a fun gift exchange. To follow up the excitement and activities of Christmas day, Toni’s family enjoys a fancy brunch.


Carolyn’s traditions have been in place for over 15 years! She attends Christmas Eve Mass with her daughter and parents followed by a big breakfast. Christmas day consists of present opening, another large breakfast, and a visit to the Renova Center. With her father dressed like Santa, the family hands out a variety of presents to those who don’t have other visitors. Once back at home, Christmas afternoon is full of more family visits and a small present exchange.

Amy & Greg –

Amy and Greg have had some shifts in their family traditions as their daughters now spend much of December at college. They always visit Longwood Gardens to soak in the shimmering lights and brilliant displays. Their home staircase features a garland that is decorated every single year. No matter who hangs the garland, their youngest daughter is in charge of decorating her section with dog themed ornaments. The movie “Its a Wonderful Life” has meaning for Greg because it is a reminder of the valuable friends and family in his own life!


Susan enjoys quality time with family as they bake cookies and make joyful messes with flour, sugar, and icing! This year was the first that the grandkids were big enough to participate in the festivities as well. Once the cookies, M&M pretzels, and Gobstoppers are baked and decorated, they are hand delivered to elderly friends and community members. Another highlight of the season is the Christmas Eve service that Susan and her husband, James, attend at their local church.

Marj –

Some of Marj’s holiday highlights include cookie baking, tree trimming, and family gatherings. Marj and Frank join her close family to decorate the “memory” tree. Each ornament represents a special moment, place, event, or person. Gatherings with extended family include songs, brunch, and an annual Christmas pageant. All 22 family members gather with costumes and scripts to recount the story of Christ’s birth in a meaningful and interactive way. A highlight of the season is a stop at Murdough’s Christmas Barn for some holiday décor shopping!


Donna’s Christmas season features family get-togethers! As a grandmother, she always looks forward to seeing her children and grand-kids to have a special celebration. It is very special when her whole family gathers on Christmas Eve to enjoy a meal and gift exchange. This celebration is special because everyone comes to share stories and catch up on what changes the year has brought. Donna is also an eager participant when Calvary Chapel prepares a Christmas meal for those who need somewhere to celebrate the special holiday!

Jon –

Jon celebrates Christmas by spending time with his family watching Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and attending their Christmas Eve service. Other than these things, each year brings something new and exciting!


A highlight of Stephanie’s season is the Christmas Eve holiday party where she enjoys time with both family and friends. Stephanie’s mother used to make delicious nut-rolls and now Stephanie and her sister have taken the baton to carry it on! Over the years her traditions changed, and this year she has the task of hosting and cooking Christmas dinner for the whole family.

Corinne –

Corinne celebrates Christmas by spending time her close knit family! Each year they watch The Polar Express and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and take time to bake delicious cookies. She and her husband visit the Christmas Candy Lane at Hershey with good friends. On Christmas Eve her family attends a candlelit church service followed by a reading of “The Night Before Christmas.”


Now you know some of the non-traditional traditions celebrated by the Zinn family! Hopefully hearing about our most cherished traditions will help you to create, enjoy, and recount your own special Christmas moments. In between the cookie baking, church services, and movie watching, it seems that a common theme is the involvement of our closest family and friends. No matter what holiday activities you choose to enjoy this season, may your Christmas be merry, bright, and full of those who you most cherish!

— Merry Christmas to All — From Zinn Insurance