Whether you are an existing business owner or you are starting a business, you have quickly realized that juggling information and operations is not an easy task! Unfortunately, this is a required skill for a business owner who seeks to have an efficient company that can grow and expand into additional locations, product lines, or services. Thanks to the age of technology, there are many apps on the market that can help to sort, prioritize, and even manage different types of company information.

Selective Insurance has compiled a great list of the most helpful business apps and published their list in the May 4, 2016 company blog. Click here to view Selective’s list of “5 Apps You Need As a Small Business Owner” which can link you directly to sites where you can download them or get more information.


This app allows the business owner to keep up with expenses as they accumulate! Whether you have a receipt for a purchase or you want to manually type in the numbers, the app will file the expense into the appropriate category and create reports on the spot. Expenses can be tracked by receipt, date, time, distance, and more! This app can scan a receipt and (with the simple click of a button) file it by category, price, and date.

If you struggle to stay on top of last minute purchases, business trip buys, traveling expenses, or you just want to save time – this app is perfect for you!


This app allows any business owner to quickly accept and process credit card payments! After signing up for a FREE account, you will receive a Magstripe Reader (a tiny plugin that won’t bulk up your mobile device) which allows you to swipe and process all major credit cards no matter where you are! Deposits can go directly into your bank account and processing fees are minimal.

If you are a mobile business owner who wants the flexibility to receive and process payments on the go, this is extremely convenient and user friendly! Save yourself time and energy spent sorting through checks and making trips to the bank. As long as you have a smart mobile device, you can get started today!


Notes, plans, presentations, paper filing, and information sharing – this app does it all! Evernote acts as a one stop database for easy document management, paper filing, informal presentation composition, collaborative sharing boards, and convenient research. No need for an old fashioned filing cabinet or bulletin board, this app is the digital do-it-all that goes with you everywhere and can be accessed by the touch of a button!

If you struggle with organization, are unsure how to data-share, or would like to access all sorts of documents while on the go, this app is perfect for your business! Save yourself time and energy as you can quickly collect documents, file them, share them, and whip up a presentation in minutes!


This app prioritizes, organizes, and decreases distraction! By setting a detailed schedule, limiting time on wasteful websites or tasks, and tracking daily productivity, this app helps any business owner to better organize and prioritize their day. Time scheduling, tracking, and website blocking can be easily altered or stopped completely based on the individual’s daily preferences. Obviously geared toward computer based businesses – this app runs in the background to prevent distraction and guides one’s focus on the tasks at hand.

If you struggle with distractions (emails, social media, daily news) and want to get focused, this app is your key to success! Even if you don’t utilize it every day, it can be programed and utilized as needed to help you get the most productivity out of time spent at work!


As recommended by Kabbage.com’s blog “10 Best Mobile Apps for Your Small Business” (author Maddie Hodges), HootSuite is designed to help businesses get social with colleagues and consumers. This app allows the business owner to program a single item of media that will be published on all of their social media platforms with one swift click. This saves time and energy by circumventing multiple logons, post creations, post settings, and publication dates. HootSuite allows you to stay in touch from a consolidated platform that can be operated from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device!

As your business grows, you may find it beneficial to inform, connect, and market via social media. This app will save you time and energy by consolidating your information and making sure you are keeping all of your social media platforms up to date to reach your various markets.

Stop wasting time on daily tasks like organizing, filing, filtering, publishing, sharing, and reporting by allowing these apps to work for you! With a small startup fee or monthly charge, you can get organized and be productive with these user-friendly business apps!



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